Mixanografiki LLC

113 R. Feraiou, (Forum Side Street), Pyrgos, Elis

Mixanografiki LLC was founded in 1986. It is a SME and it has managed to become one of the most successful computer providing companies with three points of presence, which offers the flexibility of organizing and functioning services in Public Authorities throughout the Western Greece and Peloponnese.

Having a 30+ year experience, various services are offered, such as organization, computerization, economic and financial support, reporting studies for Associations in Public and Local Authorities, in Medical Institutions, in Development Corporations and many more. MIHANOGRAPHIKI LLC with its continuous and multiannual involvement with Public Authorities has developed and it constantly promotes all that solutions which cover a wide range of these Organizations’ activities.

Financial Services such as Business Intelligence, Goal setting, Balanced sheets & Budget have the more vital role for clients and that where the emloyees reinforce their knowledge on.

Furthermore, Electricity provider’s income or expense management, Telecom Expenses analysis and Business Intelligence, Citizen Requests Management, e-Payments are some other provided services, which help clients to be of a good standing in the current demanding environment.

Two of the main activities, include deploying Data Science and IoT applications/services in public administration. In this clause, various Medical Institutions, Local Authorities, research institutions and the most recognizable companies in this field demand for our services.

Plus, two of our main objectives are to provide the customers with up-to-date, user-friendly and cost-effective solutions. Therefore, the aims and objectives of the project comply with Mixanografiki’s activities and objectives.