A European approach to micro-credentials

In spring 2020, the European Commission established an ad-hoc consultation group with experts on higher education from various European countries to propose a common definition and recommendations for a European approach to the development and uptake of micro-credentials in Europe.

A micro-credential is a proof of the learning outcomes that a learner has acquired following a short, transparently-assessed learning experience. They are awarded upon the completion of short stand-alone courses (or modules) done on-site or online (or in a blended format).

The group was composed of practitioners working at national authorities, in quality assurance agencies, higher education institutions and other relevant stakeholders from higher education. This group held three virtual meetings between 26 May and 17 September 2020 and proposed a common European definition, common characteristics and a roadmap of actions. This roadmap puts forward suggestions from this expert group for actions and timing needed at a European and national level to develop and implement a European approach to micro-credentials. The suggested actions focus mainly on the higher education field, as per mandate of the group, but also address elements of a broader scope to cater for the other education and training fields.

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