5th SEnDIng partners meeting

The 5th partners meeting was organized at the beginning of the last 6-month period of the project (M32, July 6th, 2020). The meeting was initially organized to take place in Cyprus but, due to COVID-19 situation, it was decided to be moved online via ZOOM. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss

  • the dissemination activities,
  • details of the certification process,
  • and the work-based training phase

and how these phases are affected by COVID-19.

Also, partners discussed project sustainability options and details of organizing the Final Conference, which should mainly address the main stakeholders of the project but not be restricted to academic audiences. In addition, partners discussed the possibility of requesting an amendment to the project’s eligibility period and extend its duration for 2 more months (shift project end date to 31/1/2021).