Last 6-month period of SEnDIng project

The project has entered its last 6-month period (June - Nov 2020) and this period is focused on disseminating the produced results and completing the last phase of the training, which is the work-based learning. SEnDIng partners monitor and overlook the trainees in the participating companies making sure that the 4 months of work-based learning are adequately supported and companies have entered the phase where their trained employees can start to be productive on Data Science and/or IoT related projects. Companies were encouraged to assign to their trained employees their own projects so that this period is valuable for them and is not considered as idle time from company regular tasks. In addition, and in the cases where companies did not have their own DS or IoT projects, SEnDIng has offered a set of representative projects for trainees. this period also focuses on the certification process which will start upon completion of the work-based learning and this option will be given only to those trainees that have successfully completed all three SEnDIng Training Program phases, either DS or IoT respectively. Given the current situation with the pandemic the certification will be either done face-to-face following a very strict safety protocol, or remotely, using an online platform with a sound authentication mechanism. Regarding dissemination, the central event is the Final Project Conference which will be organized online.