Training material on building transversal skills

The SEnDIng project has prepared training material for transversal skills development. The aim of this training material is two-fold: (a) to help prospective learners to build their transversal skills that are developed upon academic and experiential learning and (b) to prepare them for engaging within the business environment in a creative way, communicating effectively with the internal and external environment of a business and acting in a collaborative way.

The training material includes 5 modules:

  1. Effective communication and presentation (TS-EM1)
  2. Change management (TS-EM2)
  3. Team working (TS-EM3)
  4. Goal setting (TS-EM4)
  5. Creative thinking (TS-EM5)

These modules introduce learners to a portfolio of skills and competencies required for effective communication and presentation, adaptation to changes, teamwork, goal-setting and thinking out of the box.

You can access the training material here.