The European Data Market Monitoring Tool

The Lisbon Council and International Data Corporation launched the Report: “The European Data Market Monitoring Tool Key Facts & Figures, First Policy Conclusions, Data Landscape and Quantified Stories”. This report presents a set of indicators measuring the data professionals, the value of the data market, the number of data supplier and data user companies and their revenues, and the overall impact of the data economy on EU GDP. All indicators are presented for the years 2018 through 2020 and forecasted to 2025 according to three alternative potential scenarios: Baseline, High Growth and Challenge scenarios. According to the report the value of the Data Economy, which measures the overall impacts of the Data Market on the economy as a whole, exceeded the threshold of 400 Billion Euro in 2019 for the EU27 plus the United Kingdom, with a growth of 7.6% over the previous year. Moreover, according to the latest estimates, the number of data professionals in the EU27 plus the U.K. reached 76 million in 2019, corresponding to 3.6% of the total workforce, with an increase of 5.5% over the previous year.

You can access the complete report here.